Friday, October 15, 2010

Suzanne Driggs

I'm thinking to bring some of my friends on don't be surprised to hear a new voice or two...or ten.

Suzanne is one of them.  I met her at, a great little writing website where written words could be read and critiqued.  She was probably among the first to get into The Mousepaw Chronicles and I've considered her advice and critique on it to be nothing short than eye-opening.  Her own books I found entertaining and gave me an emotional high I've yet to find elsewhere and she's also opened my eyes to certain solar events that influence human creativity.  Apparently I'm now her solar barometer!

you can check out her own blog Sun Visions and her writing can be found at Topperboards


Sun Visions said...

Thanks Michelle! We had a bit of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)today 10/20/10. The solar wind is expected in a few days. I was feeling it, but had to work so didn't get a chance to stop and look.

Michelle said...

Getting a bit of a tickle of an idea already. Will keep you informed.

Legend In The Making said...

I can't help but not to say a few words about Suzanne.

Like Michelle, I first met her and became familiar with her writing on FWO. Her Theran Tales feature a world that is uniquely crafted from her own interests and beliefs. Her characters are amazing and she is able to mold incredible short stories from them, as well as her current novel-in-progress. Her description of Thera is so well constructed and vivid that I it is very easy to picture how it is being applied by the characters to navigate their world and deal with their problems.

Her critiques are a great blend of positive support but also honest and very helpful whether its technical areas or plot-points.

Suzanne is one of the most positive people I know and has been one of my strongest supporters as I've tried to grow as a a writer this past year. I also applaud her willingness to go outside her comfort-zone of write a few short-stories that operate outside of Thera.

Tank you Suzanne for your friendship and support I hope this blog is another place you and I communicate and commiserate.