Friday, October 29, 2010

had to share this...

I'm not generally a self-centered sort, and if I think someone is gifted beyond giving in the area of talent, skill and creativity, I'll be pleased to share this blog with them, whether it's story, poetry, or art.

Among my friends I can count an amazing graphic-designer/ illustrator/artist by the name of Tris Rossin. 

Recently he started designing avatars on Twitter and holds a contest on Tuesdays and Fridays for a free avatar.  I can't help but think I'm lucky enough to be one of the first to acquire one (See below).  His ultimate goal is 3000 avatars for his Hall of Fame, which could either be won in the contest or purchased.  At the rate he's going, he may get there sooner than he thinks!

With a Twitter name like @bwitchdkitty I can only imagine he had a little fun with the photo I sent him.

You can find a link to his business dot2uk in my Links section or you can click here to find out more about his Avatar Giveaway contest

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