Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recent news

Things have been interesting as of late.  First off, it's October, I work in a costume shop and I'm trying to publish a weekly web comic.  That alone should be enough to drive a "normal" person mad.  Keep in mind I've got all those other little tidbits and projects that I'm also trying to work on. 

Throw on top of that a twisted C6 vertebra and then you're talking really interesting.  As in "hurts to even live" interesting.  So came my first introduction to Chiropractic health care.  The whole experience probably looked scarier than it actually was, my chiropractor is that nice.  So that's going to be a monthly thing for me now.

Then there's my own brief brush with insanity-as-genius.  Somehow, I've managed to land a role in game design!  Can't really discuss details, but once the project hits the market, I'll be promoting it like crazy!

I'm honestly surprised I get anything done!

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