Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I hate it when this happens.  Some people would say that it's a blessing, but how can it be a blessing when you've got a multitude of irons in the fire?

For example;  I've made a commitment to my strip Spellbound and Senseless which means I need to have a number of strips done each month for my readers.  This takes time (usually when I have none), and I wind up working on them whenever I have a chance.  Fortunately, with practice and continuing to make the strips, it gets easier, but no less time consuming.

I also have a multitude of comic book and graphic novel ideas that I'd like to get down in writing and start roughing them in....again, this is a time consuming thing because I'm a freaking perfectionist with this sort of thing.  And yeah...there's roughly about six or*sigh* ok, the things breed like rats in my head.

My novel, The Mousepaw Chronicles is still in editing process...someday I'm going to get the darned thing done...but when I get a review that's forty pages long!!!.... the book needs some work.  That's all I can say.

Alrighty that little reminder of what I've got going on out of  the way, I'm also subject for rather senseless, yet endlessly amusing ideas that completely blindside me.  By senseless, I mean, I have no real use for it, yet I can't help but see if I can "push" myself over that limit and get the image out of my head that I'm seeing...or that story that's begging to be written.  Or a item for a costume..

Then there's the latest thing...Die bags.  The well accessoriesed RPGer is never without one, especially for the tabletop games.  I've been there myself.  But I'm also noticing a latest trend; Geek Girls. Nerdy name it.   Some years ago, I designed a little drawstring pouch ideal for a variety of purposes...I had two markets to sell them at, but neither of them went over really well.  Also made them for two weddings (where they went over like prime rib at a buffet).  Now I have the ultimate market at my disposal.  There's a growing trend I know I can take this to.  I'm actually thinking of selling these online to generate some much needed income.  I've got to be out of my mind.

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