Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Legend in the Making

Another of my cohorts, he joined shortly after I did and like most simultaneous newcomers, we bonded a bit.  I found his work enthralling, dark and mysterious and the way he worked, through the countless variations of the same story to be familiar.  Like Suzanne he helped me as well with Mousepaw Chronicles, and I helped to show him how to pare a 1k flash story down to half that.

I find he's full of surprises and hope he can share his experiences, thoughts and experiments here on in the Asylum


Legend In The Making said...

Thank you Michelle for the wonderful introduction.

I would like to say a few words about Michelle. As she mentioned, she and I joined FWO at about the same time. She joined about a month or so before I did. She was one of the first authors whose stories I gravitated to one a regular basis. I found Mousepaw Chronicles to be a very compelling work based on a fully-formed world and featuring characters that are intricate and engaging. I hope that she will continue to pursue the series and I look forward to the day when I can buy it ata bookstore or online.

I noticed that she has posted some of her flash-pieces here and I remember a few of them from FWO. Her flash-pieces usually feature her wry, quirky sense of humor and always her ability to tell a complete story in concise yet poignant language. She is a brilliant storyteller and an inspiration to me.

Apart from her writing ability, Michelle is also one of the most positive and supportive people I know. She created my avatar on FWO for me and she is quick with words of support and encouragement. I've found her critiques to be very helpful and encouraging. t Michelle is a true friend, one I'm glad to have made and my only criticism is that she needs to start hanging around FWO again and posting more of her great flash-pieces and the Mousepaw Chronicles (Yes I know you are busy Michelle and you have a full-plate but I can wish can't I?).

Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to contribute in whatever way I can to this blog.

Michelle said...

Thank you...*blushing*
Entirely too kind of you.