Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something Special to share...

I'm far too pleased with this to not share it!

I must admit, I'm very happy with my avatar from Dot2uk.  So much so, I actually commissioned another one.  This time for my wonderful husband of fifteen years to celebrate anniversary of his twentieth birthday...yeah...that works...

I can only say Tris did a phenomenal job once again, even so far as to customise it with Bob's long-time love (other than me, of course).

Bob, above all things, is an adamant Trekkie.  All the movies...A Star Trek:The Next Generation Command uniform with Captain rank pips (nothing else would suffice).  All the man needs is a bat'leth, a phaser and maybe a few tribbles and I think he'll be happy.  Today, he can be happy with his new avatar from Dot2uk

So  Quchjaj qoSlIj  Robert!

And thank you so much, Tris...I can only imagine how many geek fantasies have been unleashed with this one!

Only one thing bothers me though...Bob lives by the rule of turn-around being fair

uh oh...