Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Delayed Debut or "Getting Over It"

First of all I want to both thank and apologize to Michelle. She's a true friend and has been very supportive of me and my creative efforts. She is also a diversely talented, witty and creative artist in her own right. She gave me this forum to speak my mind, or lack thereof, about a year ago, so obviously I follow up on things in a timely manner.

The truth is, I was nervous about blogging. I didn't think I had anything particularly insightful or even humorous to say. I figured I would prove my idiocy and/or lack of relevance. At best, my words would be the proverbial dust in the wind. At worst, I'd be a laughing stock for the one or two people who bothered to read what I posted.

Then a few weeks ago, I joined Twitter. I had been worried about tweeting for pretty much the same reasons. Even more so, considering Twitter's constraint of a 140 characters per tweet.

But I got over it. Not only did I tweet, I tweeted at celebrities I admire. They didn't tweet back but I like to think they saw my remarks and chuckled or nodded sagely where appropriate.
A couple of those Tweets, however, did inspire some ideas for future projects.

Then I started getting tweets from published authors, culminating in a brief exchange with a television show producer and writer concerning a writing sprint (future blog post) she started.

So thanks to my experience on Twitter, I've addressed my fears and decided I have something to contribute to the Blog-O-Sphere after all.

I've "gotten over it", something that we all have to do throughout our lives over and over again.

In my next post, I'll talk more about what I hope to do through this blog, what I'm working on and whatever my creative process is at the time. I also want to say to anyone that reads this, be as harsh as you want (within the Terms Of Service limits and whatever Michelle decides is appropriate). People engaging in creative endeavors have to develop a thick skin., we have to "get over it".

Thanks for reading!!