Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thank you

I have a habit on twitter...I thank people on a regular basis for anything as humble as a retweet or a Follow Friday mention. 

Some people think it isn't necessary for this, but I'm forced to disagree.  Saying "thank you" is an expression of gratitude.  My mother and father taught me manners, it was important to learn such things in that day.  I used to because that's what I was taught, but I do it for a different reason now.

Because I realize, for every retweet, every mention, every Follow Friday I get, they might as easily have ignored me.  They might not share my links, pictures, mentions of sales or sharing the joy in my life.  Its easy to ignore such things and when they are it can be painful.  So I say thank you, in the deepest and most sincere of gratitude.  I never expect anything to be repeated or shared, but it makes a huge difference when it does. 

So Thank You for reading.


Sun Visions said...

That was really nice. Thank you

symatt said...

I totally agree. Thank you for all your thank you's and re tweets and praise. couldn't do it with out them ...Hugs