Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Bag(gage) to Share

Getting deeper and deeper into my projects, I realize some of them are coming pretty close to being completed.  All that is missing is a few important steps.  Unfortunately, those steps will cost money, which like a lot of people, I don't have.

But what I do have is a secret weapon.  A fabric stash.  A rather extensive fabric stash.  Let's just say enough to make a complete wardrobe, including formal wear.  Most of it is silky, satiny and panne velvets, but I also have specialty fabrics and calicos available.  What can I do with them?

In a word; Bags.

Dice bags to be specific, but I'm letting the general public decide what to do with them.

I came up with the pattern a number of years ago...when finished and closed, they have an interesting and unique appearance which I'm pleased with.   Now I've got other ideas for them, using everything in my arsenal to raise some funds to help me finance my projects.

The bright colors and butterflies are just the start, mark my words.  In the future I forsee comics inspired, steampunk and goth bags just to add interest not to mention bags with more than four points, gear-shaped bags, or even bags without points to help appeal to the gents out there. 

In any case. I'll be posting a link to the store once I have it up and running (not to mention with a lot more bag(gage)!)