Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How far is too far?

I deal with a good amount of self doubt, especially if there's a fuzzy area I'm uncertain of.  Times like those, I really need the opinions and advice of others. 

Among my recent ideas, an old one remerged and demanded some attenion.  The first time it wasn't so successful.  This time, there may be a limited amount of success depending on how "fuzzy" I can make those edges.

I designed some drawsting handbags a few years ago.  They had four points that would droop over the body of the bag which allowed for a few options in the overall appearance, usually involving fabric colors.  At the time I called them  Blossom Bags for their flower-like appearance.  Changing that.   Lately, I've updated those ideas.  I've discovered Steampunk, all brass and hardware which would offer a different look.  I've also come up with a Gothic look with dramatic colors and lots of black.  Then I've gained some inspiration from a long time love of my life.  And I'm not talking about my husband.

This is where the fuzzy area comes in to play.  I've got a number of ideas in mind inspired by a rather highly franchised and trademarked film series.  Most of it is with fabric color and texture only and I'm sure I can steer well away from incriminating names or symbols that would be a dead giveaway...but would that be enough?  Especially since I'm leaning towards selling these bags online, I'd like to avoid any nasty legal entanglements.

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