Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A victim of my ideas

I can be doing anything, anywhere at any time and I can be blindsided.  It can be fierce, painful and exhillerating all at once.  I'm speaking of being struck by inspiration, I hope you know what I speak of.  That utterly helpless feeling of having a random thought stroll through your mind and warp, loose or destroy any previous thoughts you've been having. 

It's bad when I'm at work; especially within sight range of my employer.  It gets worse though when they gang up on me.  They range from stories and poems to art, comics and graphic novels.  Looks a bit like this;

Plot twist for the Mousepaw Chronicles....that will definately put a damper on her relationship with her love interest, but that's ok, that's what the story is about, not the dancing copper dragon with an iPod...where did that come from?  Oh right, listening to music, U2's Vertigo...hey...that'd be a good .gif animation sequence...hmmm....another thing to well as getting used to Magna Studio Debut 4....gotta work on that dragon graphic't see that plot twist coming!  heehehe now that's a monster of an idea....uhoh...those three again!  Go away!  uhm....ok...that's did that steampunk element get in there?  Ooooh...that's me....whoops.  And a novel to go with it too?  Hooboy...but what a challenge!  And that battle with vampires and werewolves...that is soooo Shakespeareian...ow...ok, that was good...that was really good....I might want a pro on that one...gotta look through my online contacts to see if anyone would be idea....ohhhhh it for's a good one, a modern romance go with that mythological romance...uh...right...
now where's my time going?

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