Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still have ideas...

yet I find myself with both a lack of time and energy to work on them.  Saddly, a lot of projects suffer because of it.  This is the last week before Halloween, crunch time, and I've already pulled a twelve hour shift and I don't know if I'll get a day off at all this week. 

Spellbound and Senseless I'm going to be putting on hiatus until I can get my priorities straight with it.  I've pulled a decent amount off, I'm proud of it, but I'm also starting to realise how much work it really is and how much you have to love the idea to make it work and not loose readers.  I'll finish up the run I've got started when the moment allows, but things I think will be changing.  New setting, new characters, even a whole plotline to keep things fresh and interesting.  I won't be giving things away though ;)

The holidays are also encroaching upon us and I tend to have a rather magnanamous personality (I'll give my last dollar to the Salvation Army, I'll donate toys for the local toy drive...)  I'm just addicted to that feeling that I did well by my fellow man...or woman...kids...animals...you get the idea.   So I'm making it a goal this year to make crafty little items for friends who need help for the holidays.  I'm sorry, but it's my personal opinion that everyone should get something for the holidays.  If I can make somebody's day brighter, then it's a real pleasure for me to do so.

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