Thursday, October 21, 2010

the argument inside my head

I think I mentioned this a few months ago; that I'd been brought onto another person's project as a comic strip writer.  I'm just praying for the day I can pay him back for the favor, for his characters managed to camp inside my head like a trio of rambunctous squatters for the past year in spite of the fact that he's not currently on the project.  And usually they show up unannounced and uninvited.

Usually it goes something like this;

ME; (typing, working on novel)clackity clackity clackity

D; Hey...

ME; What?  YOU?!?  Not now!  I'm busy!

D; Gotta idea for us...

ME; You've got to be kidding..

D; No!  It'll be great!  Trust me!

ME; Get off my back you little hunchbacked monkey!  Besides, he's busy too...and I won't burden him with more scripts! (goes back to typing) clackity clackity clackity...

C; Hey babe...

ME; There's only one man alive allowed to call me that and I'm married to him...  Oh.  No.  What do you want?

C; Just got this crazy idea..

ME; First off, not writing any more scripts until further notice.  Second, quit shedding on the furniture. And don't even think about chasing my cats!

C; Aww, man...

ME; (back to typing) clackity clackity clackity

V; Good evening, my dear..

ME; *sigh*...Why did I know you were going to show up?

V: I merely wished to profer a most intriguing prospect...

ME; I've got thirty ideas I'm working on now of my own!  And I'm trying to eat dinner!

V; Is that what I smell?  What is it?

ME; Italian.  Heavy on the garlic.

V; *EEP!* Perhaps another time!

ME: Finally! (back to typing) clackity clackity clackity {thirty minutes pass} clackity clackity clackity

D, C, V; We're back!

ME; *groan*  If I do what you want, will you leave me alone?

D; Sure!
C; No prob, toots!
V; Certainly!

{another thirty minutes later}

ME; well?

D; It's great!
C; I'm cool with it!
V; I'd like to just change one little...

ME: *SNARL!!!*

V; It's fine! Perfect!! Knew you'd do a supurb job!

ME; Now go away.

{Two days later}

C; Hey baby...

ME; Not again...

As you can tell, it gets interesting in my head with not only my own projects, but with other people's as well!

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