Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time of the Typewriter; an ode

to commemorate the closing of the last typewriter factory, I wrote a little poem.

Time of the Typewriter; an ode
written by Michelle Nielsen

Late 1800’s thou wert a marvel,
made those who wrote at ease.
Neat letters replaced
handwritten scrawl
No more vials of spilled ink.
The writing desk would be replaced
by a device so filled with keys.

As it evolved it grew complex,
some could now erase,
power brought haste and speed.
The secretary now had a task
to learn an unwieldy beast.

But time marches on,
and inventions grow
things soon would be replaced.
From a simple learnt writing device
now comes a database.
The typewriter once so important
from writers to businessmen,
becomes obsolete in the times
where computers now serve them.

Copyright © Michelle Nielsen 2011

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