Wednesday, March 9, 2011

been a while, hasn't it?

Sorry for the dust and cobwebs, folks, I've been a tad busy lately.  Some of this has been due to life in general and the sorts of creative chaos one like myself can get into...other aspects were mostly personal.

Since y'all don't really need to know about the personal, I'll let you in on the creative happenings...hangon

is that a spider? 

nah...just a dust-bunny...

Anyway, after a long period of debate I've decided that comics are calling me in a much stronger voice than merely writing, so I'm going to start leaning in that direction.  To that effect I'm pleased to announce I'll be bringing back Spellbound and Senseless, yes further adventures of Sabine and Sparkles are in the making...who knows what else is going to happen with them.... that ones a spider....eep!!  brown recluse!!  *squish* *sigh* poor little bugger...

One day, not to long ago, a facinating image sprang to my mind...a strange little creature, a pig with dragon wings and tail.  For some strange reason, this little thing multiplied itself and became something unexpected; a new comic series I'm calling "Droinks!", a sort of in-depth look into geek culture and exploring every possible misadventure that could happen along the way.  While I'm willing to do the art for this project, I'm leary of the color...I've never really gotten out of some of my worse habits and I'm really wanting Droinks! to be something special.

Speaking of something special.  I learned earlier this year that while writers can influence artists, so too artists can influence writers.  I speak of my friend, Tris. 

While watching him create yet another fantastic celebrity portrait, I had words flashing through my head; something quick and action packed.  I typed it up, found it to resemble a brief synopsis for a comic book.  Laughing, I sent it to him to see what he thought and went to spend the evening with my parents before they left for Florida.  That evening I took my favorite journal with me to jot down notes in, and I'm glad I did.

That quick little joking synopsis turned into something else.  I got home, cobbled together a script based off what I was thinking of and sent it to him the next morning, fully expecting no response or at least a response of "thanks but not interested"...  All I'll say of that venture is I hope something comes of it in the future, there's too much positive energy surrounding that one.

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